Authenticity is a brand new exciting company for talented young authentic dancers aged 11- 18 to represent London. As the project is rolled out over the next 2-3 years our aim is to engage talented young dancers from all 33 boroughs of London.

We highlight the elite dance talent within London, provide performance opportunities that are accessible and affordable as well as, nurture a safe and creative environment for young people to train and grow within dance. In just a few short months we have formed the company with a cohort of 14 young dancers we have also received funding from Arts Council England to support us with developing the company until July 2019, and secured various performance opportunities for our debut work. The debut work ‘Transient’ is a 13 minute piece choreographed by the Impact Dance team and commissioned by Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and Imagine Watford.

From September we will be working with a brand new choreographer to create a new work to be performed in 2019.

Team Profile

Meet the team

Hakeem Onibudo

Executive Director

Since 1995 Hakeem Onibudo has been an influential force within the international dance community. An accomplished artistic director and founder of Impact Dance, Hakeem is a choreographer, performer, mentor and British Council ambassador. His portfolio includes work for organisations such as the The Royal Ballet School, The Royal Opera House, Sadler’s Wells, the British Council, the BBC, Nickelodeon, CH4, Endemol, ITV and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Impact Youth has been a foundation of the Impact Dance Company since its inaugural year. From there it has grown to be one of the most successful street dance youth companies of its time. Working with young people aged 11 – 17 to create narrative dance theatre pieces combining a range of different styles including hip-hop, street dance, contemporary movement and physical theatre.

Hakeem recently received the CHANGEMAKERS award from Arts Council England, which allows him to lead on a number of projects at The Place which aim to increase the number of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people who engage with the organisation. To date at The Place, Hakeem has produced Tuned-In sessions for young dancers and musicians to engage with each other, as well as two LIVEVIBE shows with more events coming this Autumn.

Beyond his work in the dance community, Hakeem is an experienced and professional event host who regularly presents and entertains on high profile London events including red carpet film premieres.

Paige Jarrett

Creative Producer

Paige Jarrett is a graduate from Kingston University and has been working alongside Onibudo as the Trainee Producer at The Place on the Arts Council Funded Changemakers Programme for the last eight months September 2017 - April 2018. Paige has also worked on Ignition Dance Festival produced by DanceWest (2016 - 2018). During her role at the Place, Paige was responsible for producing 3 major events including LIVEVIBE, MIXIN’ MEDIA and TUNE-D IN. Paige is now a on her way to establishing herself as one of the new leaders in the arts and can easily fill the role of any creative producer within any high level arts organisation.

Rebecca Leslie

Participation Manager

Rebecca Leslie trained at London Studio Centre. After graduating she freelanced as an arts administrative in organisations who specialise working with young people such as Wac Arts, Step Into Dance and Community Focus. Rebecca went on to apply for the role of Impact Youth Academy manager. On successfully being appointed with this organisation, Rebecca has been coordinating the youth academy for the past 6 months exhibiting strong organizational skills and efficiency in running the academy. Her knowledge of young people and expertise in liaising with parents puts her in as strong position to support this project as a participation manager.

Authenticity Inaugural Company

We have dancers from the following London Boroughs:
Kensington & Chelsea



Choreographers: Hakeem Onibudo, Keanu Wilson and Rachel Greer
Name: Transient
Duration: 13 minutes
Description: Youth are depicted as a fast-paced Society, moving at speed causing them to ‘miss’ details about their environment and the people around them. With an interjection, they are forced to slow down, enabling them to notice their surroundings. Notice leads to observation-observation may lead to focus. Resulting in stillness – this creates a sense of empathy which may reverberate through individuals.



Aimee Grindle

Age: 12
Borough: Lambeth
Favourite food: Spag Bol
Interesting fact: Aimee likes to skateboard when not dancing

Bethanie Gbocho

Age: 16
Borough: Lambeth
Favourite food: Piza
Interesting fact: Bethanie has a birthmark that looks like Africa

Chloe Lanisquot

Age: 16
Borough: Kensington & Chelsea
Favourite Food: Burgers
Interesting Fact: Chloe is currently studying at The Urdang Academy

Ciar Wild

Age: 15
Borough: Hackney
Favourite Food: Pepper
Interesting Fact: Ciar means 'Saint' in Irish

D'Andre Elizah

Age: 17
Borough: Newham
Favourite Food: Macaroni and Fried Chicken
Interesting Fact: Money doesn't stay in D'Andre's bank

Danielle Okwabi

Age: 17
Borough: Newham
Favourite Food: Salt fish fritters
Interesting Fact: Dani is also an Irish dancer

Destiny Onyemerekwe

Age: 13
Borough: Croydon
Favourite Food: Pizza
Interesting Fact: Destiny also dances with the renowned Street Dance Company ‘Flawless’

Francesca Costaliola

Age: 12
Borough: Hackney
Favourite Food: Pizza
Interesting Fact: Francesca has half Columbian and half Italian heritage

Nana Asante

Age: 14
Borough: Southwark
Favourite Food: Meatfest pizza
Interesting Fact: Nana can speak 5 different languages. English, Twi, Deutsch, French, Portuguese

Nia James

Age: 18
Borough: Middlesex
Favourite Food: Burgers
Interesting Fact: Nia is originally from Wales

Osato Eghi-Guobadia

Age: 14
Borough: Greenwich
Favourite Food: Chinese
Interesting Fact: Osato is a mastermind at riddles

Sheron Samm-Esprit

Age: 16
Borough: Southwark
Favourite Food: Pizza
Interesting Fact: Sheron is currently studying Health and Social Care

Tyra Egbri

Age: 14
Borough: Lambeth
Favourite Food: Chicken
Interesting Fact: Tyra used to dance with The Royal Ballet